Hacker mindset, generalist, problem solving…

This blog is the record of my experiences of discovering the world by following the path of problem solving, will include my ideas, my interpretation of the world,  and evaluation of my revolution.  These are not maybe the most suitable words from an almost 40 years old engineer, maybe it might be more proper to claim to share the experience but  I don’t feel that way. I  feel more  like having more to learn than that has been already learned.

The writings are mainly about my steps through solution of various kind of problems. Life is really generous and creative in throwing out troubles, puzzles, problems, so I don’t  think it is a good idea to limit the subjects, subjects are only limited to my area of interest, and my taste of interesting.

I like to see myself as a  generalist and love to work on problems, dividing them into piece, and building the solution, at least I try to do so, and to create a picture of  my train of thoughts.

I can be obsessed to go dark deep, or sometime I can live with a superficial solution. No rules, but  the criteria are the quality, clearness and correctness of the thought process and the result.

Here I have to mention about hacker mindset, hacker way of learning, learning by doing, that sentence is self-contained. A must read http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html